About Us


To be the most reliable leading provider of high quality, globally sourced steel piping and piping systems for all our valued customers.


Exceeding all of our customers expectations and needs in providing high quality steel piping products and piping systems, through excellent service and successful partnerships with our valued customers, business associates and employees.


Customer Focus: To understand and exceed customer expectations and needs, while continuing to excel in customer satisfaction, towards developing value added customer relationships.

Commitment: To take ownership in everything we do. To take pride and responsibility in our daily tasks and continually work towards exceeding customer expectations.

Innovation: Nurture creativity and innovation in the workplace. Demand this attitude from all of our partners, business associates and colleagues.

Teamwork: Ensure that all of our employees work towards a common goal to fulfill the overall objectives of E-Steel Pte Ltd.

Excellence: Create an environment for continual learning and improvement. Seek professional and personal excellence in all aspects for which we are involved.


Experience - We supply steel piping products and systems to a long-standing valued customer base across diverse industries and projects involved in the petrochemical, oil & gas refineries and industries, sewage & water treatment plants, fabrication plants, power stations, contractors and marine-based engineering projects.

Infrastructure - We operate fully integrated and efficient facilities, including facilities for inspection, fabrication and handling. Our transportation fleet of light to heavy-duty vehicles allows us flexibility in handling our customers' specific delivery needs and requirements.

Personnel - Our service-focused staff maintain a service ratio of one professional for every twenty valued customers. This assures an optimal level of high quality service standards and seamless execution of customer orders with complete customer satisfaction. More than 75% of our customers have been our valued clients since the inception of our affiliated company in 1993.

Depth of Stock - We have access to and/or can readily provide a range of more than 10,000 standard steel piping products across more than 8 major product categories, ranging from stainless steel pipes to carbonized steel flanges, with unlimited ability to customize other piping products to meet our customers requirements.

Flexibility - We maintain broad-based and high stock levels in anticipation of client demand and swift completion of customer orders with minimal lead-time or notice. Our company is part of a regional network of warehouses totaling in excess of 12,000 sqm to service Asia, Australia, Middle East and Africa.

Quality Control - We have developed a unique, comprehensive and efficient inventory control system based on proprietary customized software. We expect to receive ISO 9001 Certification and other international quality standard certifications in 2008. Our related company has already achieved similar types of international quality certifications. Our current stock is manufactured and conforms fully to ASTM/ASME and other international standards.

Global Supplier Network - We have established several selective partnerships and/or cooperating agreements with leading global pipe manufacturers from Europe to Japan, representing more than 95% of our supplies sourcing.

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